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Pay's Air Service was first established in 1959 and has gone from strength to strength to become what it is today.

Pay's Air Service take pride in the fact that they excel in all aspects of their company. 


Scone - Pay's Air Service

Fire Bombing and Training

Ph: +61 2 6540 1850
Fax: +61 2 6540 1851 (address for enquiries)

P.O.Box 158 Scone
NSW Australia 2337

Harley McKillop - Chief Pilot

Ross Pay

Managing Director
0428 539 556
02 6540 1850



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Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Temora Aviation Museum

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Air Tractor



Air Tractor 802. The Air Tractor 802 is the world’s leading single engine air tanker for fire suppression and control. With a capacity of 3200 litres of firefighting foam, gel or fire retardant and a transit speed of 300Km/h the 802 is relied upon for control of bushfires in all major forested areas of Australia.

Pay’s operate five 802’s, all equipped with computer controlled fire gates to ensure precision control and drop patterns. They are also equipped with GPS tracking and state of the art cockpit equipment.

Air Tractor Fire Boss. For the 2013/14 fire season, Pay’s Air Service made a significant investment in equipping one of its Air Tractor 802’s as an amphibious Fire Boss. The addition of the Wipline 10000 amphibious floats and associated water scooping equipment allows the Fire Boss to be a self-filling firefighting platform, the resultant short turnaround times give it the productivity of approximately 3 wheeled 802’s. The aircraft has proven an overwhelming success, on some days delivering upwards of 150,000 litres to fires.

Cessna C208B Grand Caravan. The 14 seat Caravan is an excellent load carrying aircraft and is capable of operation from short and unprepared airstrips. Pay’s Caravan is contracted to provide fire crew transport, fire reconnaissance and surveillance, and air attack coordination of firebombing aircraft. Pay’s also operate a Cessna 182 on an ad-hoc basis in the same role.


Ross Pay - Managing Director / CFI

Harley Mckillop - Chief Pilot

Craig Patton - Senior Pilot


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