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Alf Morgan

Engine overhaul manager/Senior Merlin engineer.

Alf joined the RAAF in 1971 and completed his Engineering license during the 1980's. During his time in the air force he focused on gas turbines for the F-111 P&W TF30 and the reciprocating engine for the CT4 continental IO 360 This was conducted while at overhaul level and line maintenance located at Point Cook. Whilst at that location Alf became involved with The RAAF mustang in their museum and this is where he began his early relationship with the Merlin engine. There were a couple of civil mustangs on Alf's books during his tenure with the RAAF, VH- AGJ and VH-BOB at the time. He overhauled and maintained all these engines types for 20 years.

After retiring from the RAAF in 1991, he was employed full time by Pays Air Service as the Senior Merlin Engineer as Pays had a Mustang Kitty hawk and a Spitfire in their fleet and Alf had been doing casual engineering for the company prior. He had a brief stint in Saudi Arabia employed as the technician trainer for the RASF during which time he did extensive training at Rolls Royce Filton. Alf gained experience working on the BAE tornado overhauling the RB199. He covered line maintenance and overhaul level maintenance at BAE Warton.

On returning to Pays, Alf continued his work and was focused on several engine types such as the Allison V12/V1710 and the Merlin 68 A Rolls Royce. Mustangs, Spitfires and Kitty Hawks are all projects Alf has had the pleasure of working on while at Pays including the VH-MFT mustang based at Caboolture, QLD Australia.

At Pays, The Merlin 70 is currently being overhauled and the Allison V12 1710 is having a condition inspection. A Merlin 66 is about to get underway.

Recently VH-FST overhaul has just been completed.



Greg Johnson

Resortation Project Manager


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