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Beechcraft Super Kingair 200. The Super Kingair is the mainstay of the mining charter and aeromedical fleets in Australia largely due to its solid construction and extraordinary reliability. The Kingair has a large, comfortable and pressurised cabin and is ideal for both executive transport and crew transfers. Contact Pay’s for more information or a quote on your charter requirements.

Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain. With nearly 200 PA-31’s operated throughout Australia it is a proven charter workhorse. This versatile aircraft can be set up in an executive club seating arrangement, high density passenger arrangement, medical stretcher and nurse seating arrangement or can be converted to a pure freight set up. Contact Pay’s for more information or a quote on your charter requirements.

Cessna C208B Grand Caravan. The turbine powered Caravan is a modern, air conditioned 14 seat aircraft with superb short field and rough field capabilities. It has an enormous freight carrying capability and excellent range that enables it to serve even the remotest parts of Australia. Contact Pay’s for more information or a quote on your charter requirements.

Cessna C310. The mainstay of the Pay’s Air Charter fleet, the 310 is a fast and efficient way of transporting groups of up to 5 people or for smaller freight jobs. It can operate from the majority of airports and airstrips in Australia. Contact Pay’s for more information or a quote on your charter requirements.

Single Engine piston aircraft. Pay’s also operate a number of smaller single engine aircraft on charter. They are limited to a maximum of 3 passengers and can only be operated during the day in fine weather conditions.

About Us

Aeroplane charter is a highly safe and efficient way of commuting between regional areas and the city, transporting staff and urgent freight delivery. Pay’s are a charter supplier to the NSW Rural Fire Service and conduct regular charter work for the horse racing industry, local businesses and state medical contractors amongst others. We have delivered time critical parts to mine sites throughout NSW and Queensland, and our aircraft have operated charters to all states of Australia except WA. We have conducted a number of scenic flights through central Australia, including Lake Eyre tours.

Aerial Work

Fire Spotting

Pay’s Air Charter is a contractor to the NSW Rural Fire Service to provide a Cessna Caravan for fire spotting and surveillance, and air attack coordination of fire bombing aircraft. Pay’s Cessna 182 is used for the same type of work on an ad-hoc basis.


Conducting photography from an aeroplane is the best way to cover a large area quickly and efficiently. The Cessna 182, 185 and Bird Dog are ideal platforms for aerial photography with a high wing and excellent low speed handling.

At Pay’s we have organised many photo shoots with local photographers and companies, and all pilots are familiar with Scone and the surrounding countryside. With our experience in this field we are able to judge the best time of day and weather conditions for optimal photography, and will keep you updated accordingly.


Cessna C208B Grand Caravan. The 14 seat Caravan is an excellent load carrying aircraft and is capable of operation from short and unprepared airstrips. With its high wing it is also excellent for scenic flights and aerial observation/reconnaissance.

Cessna 182. The 182 is a 4 seat high wing aircraft and is very cost effective for aerial work missions of short duration. Pay’s 182 is equipped with government agency radios for firefighting support, and a GPS tracking system that can be monitored from the ground.

Cessna 185. The Cessna 185 is suited to operations from unprepared and short airstrips. Both of Pay’s 185’s have been used extensively in remote parts of Australia for insect control, aerial baiting and observation.

Cessna 305 Bird Dog. The tandem seating arrangement of the Bird-Dog and excellent low speed handling make it the ideal platform for aerial observation and aerial photography. The windows are hinged at the top and fold inwards to enable unrestricted views from either side.

Joy Flights

  • Scenic Flights
  • Adventure Flights
  • Lake Eyre Scenic flights

Take off from Scone airport and take in the sights of the picturesque upper Hunter. With the 30 minute option you can take in the sights of the Wingen maid, Liverpool Range and Lake Glenbawn or alternatively head south to see the coal industry from the air then return overflying the local communities and horse studs in the Segenhoe Valley - Valued at $250+GST.

Alternatively why not take in all the sights with a 1hr scenic for the great value of $400+GST. All flights can take up to 3 passengers for the price above.

Bird Dog - The Cessna Bird Dog stepped in to take the place of the Cessna 170. Jumping from 145 Hp to 213Hp, by 1962 there had been 3431 Birddogs manufactured. The US army purchased many Bird Dogs for the Vietnam War for use as observers and forward air control, which required them to carry target marking rockets.

This is ideal for someone who would like a taste of flying in a war bird. Since its primary use was observing, the large windows give the passenger great views of the local area. For a 1 hr flight $390 incl GST

The Tiger Moth (DH-82) was manufactured by De Havilland and first flew in 1931. It was primarily a trainer aircraft which had two seats. The first model had a 120hp Gipsy III inverted inline engine, this was soon upgraded to the Gipsy Major engine with 130hp. Enjoy the breeze in the open cockpit of the tiger as you take in the sights of the Upper Hunter.

For a ½ hr flight $300 incl GST or for a 1 hr flight $550 incl GST. Aerobatics are available to complete the Tiger Moth experience.

The North American Harvard was designed in the late 1930's following demand for an aircraft purpose built to train military pilots all over the world. There was an increasing demand for military combat pilots and by the 1940's the total training hours required had been cut to only 200 hours total, of that time 75 hours were in the T-6. The T-6G (1946) model was better than the previous designs because there was an increased fuel capacity, a more user friendly cockpit layout and, a tail wheel that was steerable by the pilot. The T-6 was being used as a basic pilot trainer right up into the 70's and there are many that are airworthy today but only used in civil aviation.

This is ideal for someone who would like to enjoy the speed and the sound of a roaring radial engine in a genuine World War 2 military trainer. If you are feeling adventurous there is an option of doing aerobatics. For a ½ hr flight $600 incl GST

In 2010 and 2011, Pay’s Air Charter conducted a number of sightseeing holiday trips through central Australia to Lake Eyre. When flooded, Lake Eyre is one of the most spectacular and popular tourist attractions in Australia. As this only happens occasionally, the best way to ensure seeing it all in the least amount of time is to privately charter an aircraft and fly direct to the lake from where you live. Enjoy Lake Eyre and all the other sights of outback Australia from the air-conditioned comfort of Pay’s Cessna Caravan.


Established in 2010 to service local charter requests, Pay’s Air Charter has quickly grown to be a major charter provider to government agencies and corporate clients. Starting with one full time pilot and a twin engine Cessna 310, Pay’s now operate a range of single and multi-engine aircraft. In 2013 Pay’s started operating a 14 seat turbine powered Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, and recently have added the Beechcraft Kingair - a pressurised multi engine turbine aircraft to the list of aircraft available for charter. With 55 years of aviation experience, the Pay’s group has a comprehensive safety management system and is a key provider to government agencies for fire suppression and support, oil spill management and provision of medical services and non-critical patient transport. Pay’s ongoing commitment to safety has resulted in ISO9001 quality management system, AS4801 OH&S management system and ISO14001 Environment management system certification.

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Ross Pay - Managing Director / CFI
Mathew Baker - Chief Pilot

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